A Happy Moment!

 Moment to be Happy!

Enjoy your present moment no matter how much you are worried or how much struggle you are facing in your life. Often we think that, great or a big achievement is the only key to happiness. But it's not like that, we should set small targets of life for our present day and should be proud of that accomplishment and should enjoy that moment of happiness.

Try to find out at least one situation everyday where you can practice of being present. Dream about the future but work hard with a positive attitude today!

For me, my today's moment of the day is when I got a mail where I got featured as Indian Blogger with my interview series. The moment which made me smile today -> https://skillinfinity.com/social-influencer-interview/indian-motivational-blogger-baishali-bhattacharjee-from-kaizen230
check out the link above towards my moment of the day :)

Keep Smiling, each day is full of endless possibilities :)
ATB for today!

Psychology of a Creature!

Psychology of a Creature!

We are surrounded by so many faces around us, but often we are unable to determine the exact image of those faces. Nowadays, many of those faces are having a hobby, a hobby of insulting others-a hobby of scolding others-a hobby of taunting others,in short will make you feel bogged down at some point of time!

But we often fail to identify those faces before they make us feel belittle. Why? Because they either come in a package of our so called well wishers or in a package of friends. So its not easy to identify the true face behind those beautiful and confident faces :)

Well, we can do one thing in order to perform the process of identification. Its simple, put that person in an uncomfortable situation, or let that person know about your fake or true (just to test you can act like you don't know something or you have a weakness over something) weaknesses and see how that person reacts. That reaction will tell you about that person. Because a person comes up with his/her true image when he/she get into an uncomfortable situation.

Like, aap jab apne dosto kesath bethe hote ho and kuch discussion chal rahi hoti hain, to akdam se esa pretend karo ki you don't know a simple thing or a concept may be, yafir kuch galat jawab do uske simple se question ka. Tab dekho wo insaan kesa react karta hain--agar wo samjhaye apko without insulting you, tab samajh lena that person is having the ethics of life. But agar wo insaan apka majak uraaye yafir apko samjhane ke wajaye apko down feel karwaye to samajhna kami us insaan me hain -ethics ki, aapme nahi :)

In a similar way, kabhi kisi get together me janbujkar Waiter se kaho ki apke ke sath jo hain uske shoes ke upar pani fek de galti se :D yafir galat order serve kar de :D and dekho ki tab wo insaan us Waiter se kesa behave karta hain, isse apko ye pata chalega ki how that person will behave to his subordinates!

So,it may sound crazy but try it someday :D at least you would be knowing the psychology of  different faces surrounding you and can save yourself indulging into the ocean of negative vibes :)

So never get bogged down if somebody makes you feel low or weak over anything, and never reply them back because if they are correct about you, its just a moment of your realization. And if they are wrong about you, they are not worthy of your explanation as the person who is insulting you,is insecure of something that he/she is lacking.

Forgive those who insults you,belittle you or take you for granted. But more than this, forgive yourself for allowing them to hurt you!

ATB for today :)


Honesty is the best policy?

Honesty is the best policy?

Well, we learned about Honesty probably in our school days in a subject known to be as Moral Science! Irony is that, we learned about Honesty when we were too young to understand its depth but however we were honest in our deeds during our childhood days in spite of not knowing its value. And now as we are grown up kids, now we often ignore the word 'Honesty' in spite of knowing about its importance :)

But then, some will ask why Honesty is so much of importance in one's life?
Honesty is not just a word, its a kind of vehicle which steers our life in a correct direction. It is indeed necessary so that we can evaluate ourselves and lead a meaningful life by gaining love and acceptance from our surroundings. So, basically its the only communication channel which connects US to OURSELVES!

A dishonest person can attain success and momentary achievements and can fool anyone. But eventually he will lose the taste of a meaningful life, as in the process of being dishonest he will lose all the possibilities of growing and learning.

So,we should develop the art of being Honest always,then only we can decorate our art of living :)

Honesty is not about speaking the truth in every chapter of our life, its a quality of being pure and having good intentions for yourself and for others too! Though the word HONESTY is not mentioned in our Constitution of India but its an important Law of Life which actually governs our actions and interactions :)

Thus,we can say that honesty is still the best policy and no legacy is so rich as honesty!

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom!
ATB for today :)

How to increase memory power naturally?

How to increase memory power naturally?
Its a misconception about our memory power that its LIMITED! 
And we make so many assumptions regarding our memory like--we have limited space for information storage, overdose of input at one time will corrupt the system, older data is difficult to retrieve and so on. Thus we can say that we compare our memory with a hard disk of our PC.
But the reality is different, the glue that sticks the various information together regarding people,events,time,place or anything is called as EMOTION. It is the emotion which connects the logic and gives it a meaningful meaning!
For eg. the memory of a food is related to our emotion of hunger, the memory of an event is connected to our emotion of experience, memory of a tour is related to the emotion of our enjoyment and many more. 
So basically, we recollect everything based on our EMOTION, right :)
So,if you find something hard to recollect or memorise, it means your emotional connectivity is missing with that piece of work. Personal involvement is important for making anything easier to remember!
It is the power of memory that gives rise to the power of imagination!
Believe in your capacity of mind -the power of your memory power :)
ATB for today!

You are halfway there!

You are halfway there!

It is impossible for anybody else to believe in you. The reason for this is because nobody else knows your thoughts, dreams and desires. Even if you try to explain exactly what is it that you want in life, still it is next to impossible to make anybody else understand your life’s true vision. So why waste time trying to expect someone else to believe in our dreams.
The moment we drop this expectation from people around us, we become strong and practical. It is extremely unscientific and impractical to expect someone else to believe in us and our dreams. Trying to explain to people your deepest desires is like banging your head against a wall, there is absolutely nothing that is going to come out of it.
You have to believe in yourself and there is no other way out. This is why life is such a difficult experience. There is nothing else that makes life so challenging other than the fact that you alone are responsible for everything that happens in your life. When the strength of your inner belief reduces, you become confused and lost. Lack of personal conviction and belief in something is the root cause of all pain and suffering.
Each human being is an island, cut off from everything else. All our experiences and personal visions are restricted to this island. Once in a while we can invite a few people and give them a tour of our island, but it is impossible to make them understand why our island is the way it is? Each life is so unique and different that only the experiencing self knows what it really wants.
This is why it is so important to invest considerable time and energy to understand your mind, body and yourself. The more you know about yourself, the clearer your path becomes. Knowing yourself is the way to eliminate unnecessary doubts and confusions. A person who knows himself enough does not need any external support mechanism like someone else’s belief. His belief is enough.
Also, knowing that you are the only person who can see your dreams makes it extremely easy to understand different and contrary opinions of people. How much of our time is wasted in trying to explain to people what is it that we exactly want? How much of pain and suffering do we experience in being rejected and ridiculed by people around us. Self-belief will put an end to all this.
Self-belief removes all other false comforts and helps you to stay focused on what you want. When the necessity to please everybody drops, it becomes that much easier to focus on working towards your dreams. You will not be unnecessarily troubled by negative criticism and distractions.
Most people give up on their dreams not because they do not possess the necessary skills to get to their goals. They give up because they pay too much attention to opinions of people around them. Once an individual becomes clear about what he wants and makes a firm decision to belief in it fully, then the opinions of people around won’t matter much.
Be positive :)
ATB for today!


Let success be your noise!

Let success be your noise! 
If you really want to be really successful, You must be willing to disappear for a while !!!

Everything is changing around me...And I want to change too! Its one thing I know...It ain't cool being no fool :)

Have faith on "ME" 

Ego trip ~ a journey to nowhere!

Ego trip ~ a journey to nowhere

Hello to ME :) lets have a talk in Hinglish today!

EGO--jiske paas hoti hain use khud hi pata nahi hoti ki uske paas hain,infact agar kabhi samne wala bol bhi de ki hey! tumme bahut ego hai firvi bichara manta kabhi nahi ki haan I do have an ego :) Buri is baat se nahi lagti ki kisime bahut ego hain and buri lagni bhi nahi chahiye because its a kind of natural or can say a personal thing/habit right! But buri to is baat pe lagti hain ki us insaan ko ego ke side effects ke bareme hi pata nahi hoti :D

And ajkal to log ekdin agar kuch acha karle to unme itni sari ego aajati hain ki samne wale ko value dena bhul jate hain, and jisse samne wala kahi na kahi weak feel karne lagta hain. Agar itni hi buri chij hain EGO to log ise apne paas rakhte hi kyu hain? Kya iske alawa hum kuch aur achi guun nahi swikaar sakte apneliye? 

Mitti se...mitti pe...and wapas mitti me hi jaana hain..Tofir ghuuroor kis baat ka :)

Hume kabhi apne andar ego nahi laani chahiye. Ego tabhi janam leti hain ek insaan ke andar, jab wo insaan ek layak kaam yafir kuch achieve karta hai,haina! Jab ek insaan successful hota hain tabhi usme ego develop hoti hain. Matlab ek achi chij ke badle me ek buri chij wo apne andar le lete hain :)
Ego ke wajah se to aapne jo ache kaam kiye abtak uski bhi value zero hojati hain, to ek esi chij jisse apki lifetime achievement ki value hi kam hojaye, wo accept hi kyu karna. 

So humesha try to judge your behaviour and keep monitoring yourself ki kahi aap me ego ya fir esi koi bhi negative chije to develop nahi ho rahi na. Hum perfect to nahi ban sakte but 'near to perfect' to banne ki kosish jarur kar sakte hain and is kosish wali chain reaction se baaki kayi aur log bhi near to perfect banne me jut jayenge. Ap jo change dekhna chahte ho society and logo me, ap jo expect karte ho logo se,wosab chije pehle khud aap karna sikhe,tab na hogi humari happy wali Dear Zindigi :)

"Some little pieces of sand are so full of ego that they see themselves as giant rock! But then the wind blows, the big EGO flies in the air :) "

Be-aware of EGO 
Keep spreading happiness
ATB for today!


Incredible faces of people around the world!

Incredible faces of people around the world!

Basically we have faith and confidence in ourselves, but sometimes we lose that faith not because of any mistake done by us but because of PEOPLE AROUND!!!

We meet many people in our life span, some have positive vibes and some have negative vibes. And eventually those vibes effect us to a great extent silently.

For eg: You have your exam in the month of April, some will tell you--hey! you have only 2 months, you dont have much time and its not possible to crack the exam :D
But then there are some,who will tell you--hey! you have 2 months and you can do so many things and can achieve your target :)

So,in first case we just get bogged down not because of your own mistake/failure,but because of someone else's perception. Similarly, in second case too, due to someone else's perception you are affected, but in a POSITIVE manner.

So,want to say that accept your OWN positive perception when someone gives you negative vibes and accept SOMEONE ELSE'S perception, when it gives you positive vibes. Don't get bogged down due to a person who is not a creator of your life. Believe in yourself, life is short,spend it towards beautiful and positive thoughts only :)

Respect your parents--the only visible GOD on EARTH
Keep Smiling & Keep Spreading Smiles 
ATB for today :)


Pinch of positivity

Pinch of positivity!!!
Create your own visual style!!! 

Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others :)

Be happy and keep spreading happiness. 
ATB for today!

Beautiful faces of the world

Beautiful faces of the world

There are Familiar faces but unfamiliar hearts...
Everyone is so busy and lost wearing masks!!!
There is so much chaos, that we feel tired sometimes...
Even the blueness of the blue sky is blurred!!!

It is an Assamese song and somewhere it depicts the reality of today's world to some extent. Loved the lyrics so thought of sharing the same with the beautiful world!

In Assamese it says~
Sinaki sinaki mukh...osinaki mon
Mukha pindhi hokolu sun nijotei mogon
Eman kulahol lagise aamoni
Nila akakhkhon iyat je nedekhi !!!

Be Happy and keep spreading happiness :)
ATB for today!